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Since 2006, the demand for energy efficiency in domestic industries has been increasing rapidly, and the market for energy conservation services has been expanding. Relying on the accumulation in the field of industrial electrical technology, Nancal will base itself in traditional industries such as petroleum and petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, and coal mines, increase investment and development effort in the aviation industry, the host equipment and test bench and other emerging market, continue to exploit the experience and advantage of Nancal in the industrial electric energy saving system and energy management system of business, and tap deeply the market demand, so as to achieve the company's business plan and bring greater value to customers. At the same time, the company will increase efforts in research and development and capital investment, cultivate transmission business, complete technical re-innovation of such core products as high-voltage variable frequency, high-voltage soft starter, and energy management system, and develop exclusive products and solutions in light of breakdown industry.

Intelligent Electric

Industrial Electrical Drive

In the field of industrial electrical transmission, we provide various load start and speed control solutions and products. We are capable of providing preliminary consultation, selection calculation, program design, equipment supply and commissioning and other services, and we are able to provide high performance drive equipment including high voltage inverter, high voltage soft starting devices, etc.

Industrial Electrical System Integration

In the field of integrated industrial electrical system, Nancal can provide electrical system complete and integrated solutions including aviation test station, aviation wind tunnel, automotive test rig, metallurgy sintering process, mine belt conveyor, mine ventilation, and plant energy management, and provide turnkey projects including program design, equipment supply, on-site implementation and after-sales customer service, debugging etc.

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