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The energy pressure is increasing with each passing day in 21st century, thus the electrification of the automobile becomes the future development trend. Since the second half of 2015, the breakthrough has been obtained by virtue of the domestic smart electric car charging field. At present, the company has introduced a series of mature products such as the smart AC charging pile series, smart DC charging pile series, smart charging & battery swap station, smart charging network platform, etc. and constructed the charging demonstration projects successively with high-quality clients including Sinopec, Petrochina, Potevio, Neusoft Group and the like. In addition, it has positively explored the application of new technologies such as the unattended self-help service, mobile charging and so on in the demonstration projects, obtaining good demonstration effects and economic benefits.

Intelligent Charging

External Charging Equipment

After 7-year development, Nancal charging business has been able to provide the complete set of charging/battery swap products including the hardware charging products and software operation management systems at present. The hardware products mainly include the 7kW and 41kW AC piles, 15kW-120kW single-gun DC piles, 60kW-180kW dual-gun DC piles as well as the 15kW charging module, etc. The operation system mainly includes the equipment operation monitoring system, pay-by-card charging system, WeChat, APP charging system, etc.

Total Solution

During the development, the company has accumulated numerous partners, including the charging equipment operators such as Potevio New Energy, Sinopec, PetroChina, State Grid Corporation of China, Shougang Group and so on; first-tier car enterprises such as BMW, Reynolds, BYD, Denza, FAW and so on; real estate property management companies such as CFLD, GEM, Longfor, China Resources and so on. It has constructed concretely more than ten supporting stations such as the charging/battery swap station, bus station, taxi station, parking lot, etc.

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