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 Along with increasing internal needs of the Chinese high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the state launched the “Made in China 2025” industry plan in 2015. The smart manufacturing industry will become the long-term huge market. Relying on its automation system integration capabilities accumulated for several years and the informatization system integration capabilities which are constructed continuously, Nancal has initially obtained the system integration of the digitization production line in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Nancal will help its clients to improve continuously the product quality, product efficiency and other aspects via the overall integration services. At present, Nancal has been cooperated extensively with CASIC, AECC, CSIC, China North Industries Group Corporation, Haier Group, CIMC, etc.

Intelligent Manufacture

Beijing Nancal Ruiyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nancal Ruiyuan”) is a scientific enterprise with the digital smart manufacturing as the main business. Based on more than ten years of profound accumulation in the energy &am

Intelligent Manufacturing Integration Solution

Every project implemented by the company in the aerospace industry has become the benchmarking project of the industry. The company has obtained the public praise in the industry and designed the model-based system engineering solution researched and developed independently with the aviation industry as the orientation; by customizing and developing the Siemens Teamcenter platform, the company has designed several smart manufacturing solutions aiming at the aerospace manufacturing industry, including the integrated process design, process driven+, etc.

SAP Integrated Solutions

Energy is the base and power of the country's modernization. The information modernization of the energy enterprise increases the enterprise’s competitiveness and informatization has become the key factor for the enterprise’s success or failure. SAP is the famous management software company globally and 90% of the large Chinese energy enterprise adopts SAP. As the company engaging in the SAP business consultation and one of the cooperative solution implementation enterprises globally, Ruide Hechuang owns the professional SAP consultant team with maximum consultant reserves and most abundant industry experience. Centering on SAP commercial package products, Ruide Hechuang provides large domestic energy industries with the best sustainable business practice solutions conforming to their industry characteristics and meeting their own individual needs.

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